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Vortex Poe

By | 20.06.2020

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PoE-Gem: Vortex (Vortex). Vortex. Wirkungsbereich, Kälte, Dauer, Zauber Stufe: 1. Manakosten: Abklingzeit: Sek Kritische Trefferchance: %. PoE-Gem: Blade Vortex. Blade Vortex. AoE, Duration, Spell Level: 1. Mana Cost: 6. Cast Time: sec. Critical Strike Chance: %. Requires Level 12, We are preparing to move all Fandom and Gamepedia logins to a unified login system. If you have an account on Fandom with the same username as on. Um den Wirkenden wird eine eisige Explosion gezündet, die bei Gegnern Kälteschaden verursacht und einen wirbelnden Vortex hinterlässt, der Kälteschaden. Those people have a lethal pride timeless jewel in the socket two clusters east.

Vortex Poe Those people have a lethal pride timeless jewel in the socket two clusters east. Um den Wirkenden wird eine eisige Explosion gezündet, die bei Gegnern Kälteschaden verursacht und einen wirbelnden Vortex hinterlässt, der Kälteschaden. PoE-Gem: Vortex (Vortex). Vortex. Wirkungsbereich, Kälte, Dauer, Zauber Stufe: 1. Manakosten: Abklingzeit: Sek Kritische Trefferchance: %. Vortex Poe Vortex Poe

Truly a capable jack-of-all-trades, this build feels comfortable in virtually all environments, whether you are blasting through a Shaper kill or disintegrating groups of enemies as you plough through maps.

Perhaps most importantly, this build is a very viable League Starter and can be played to great effect in the SSF leagues.

This build deals nearly exclusively Elemental damage, which stems from the Herald auras themselves as well as our Blade Vortex damage, which is converted from Physical to Elemental.

The high amount of Critical Chance we end up with allows us to move through maps like a blender, freezing and shattering the entire screen using Herald of Ice , Herald of Ash , and Herald of Thunder.

A healthy amount of leech and Atziri's Promise ensure that we are always sitting at a comfortable amount of health, provided there is a target to hit.

This build is very relaxing, and a ton of fun to play. Blade Vortex plays similarly to Righteous Fire builds, with the player dashing into packs with Shield Charge or Whirling Blades while Blade Vortex and Herald chain shatters take care of the rest.

The Triple Herald Blade Vortex Elementalist is a true all-rounder, but unlike others that fall into this category, it feels incredibly powerful in virtually all environments.

This is a build for blasting through bosses and maps while satisfying explosions and colorful lights erupt all around you. Let us get started.

This is our recommended Level Passive Skill Tree for the build. For more details on the Passive Tree, skill acquisition order, and more, be sure to check out the Passive Skill Tree page for in-depth information.

We go over all of the gem links this build uses in the end-game on our Gem Link page. Our Ascendancy, Bandit, and Pantheon Powers page goes into detail about all the choices you need to make in these regards.

These items strike a balance between power and cost-effectiveness. If you want to explore more options for Gear both budget and high-end , Flasks, or get more information on alternatives and specialty items, please ensure you read the Gear, Jewels, and Flasks page thoroughly.

For in-depth recommendations for gear, flasks, jewels, and crafting advice be sure to read our Gear, Jewels, and Flasks page.

Pick up Blade Vortex from Nessa, which can be used from Level 12 and is a fantastic level skills. In Act I you can link it to:. Begin to work the other recommended gems as you level up.

You will also want to purchase Hrimsorrow very early on, even when league starting. Depending on the Map tier, you will need varying levels of Blade Vortex stacks to instantly kill packs, but stacks is generally suitable.

With many Path of Exile builds, the true optimization comes through managing your flasks correctly, and this one is no exception — do not overlap whenever possible, but do not let your charges stack up and get munched.

Arcane Surge Support is not necessary for clearing, but should consistently procced during bosses for the additional damage bonus. On single targets such as bosses, the difference is a little murkier, and the 6-Linked Chest will likely outperform Inpulsa.

Regardless, we always recommend making the swap to Inpulsa as soon as you are able to purchase and equip one.

Not very much, although the exact cost varies from league to league. Inpulsa's Broken Heart is the only real item necessary to kick the build into high gear, and even then, it is possible to continue leveling without it if you are SSF , for example.

You should easily be able to kit yourself out for less than 2 Exalts and be blasting through maps in no time. Yes, Mind Over Matter is also an optional keystone.

While most players opt to have at least one of Mind Over Matter or Acrobatics, the build clears fine and still feels very stable with neither.

You should aim to have a minimum of around unreserved Mana to consider running Mind Over Matter. This is another reason why linking Blood Magic Support to your mobility skill is advised.

This allows you to reallocate points for additional utility, maximum Life, or pure damage. There are virtually limitless ways to optimize gear in Path of Exile, and with some of Shaper, Elder, and Delve mods available, there are some ultra-rare and one-of-a-kind items out there.

View all. Anywhere you can, really. But good work! Zeel's Amplifier is a pretty good budget option this league, as it pairs especially well with the league mechanic.

Nice, i have that shield. Loving this build. Is there another unique dagger or mace I can swap to for bosses?

If so, should i duel wield those weapons or just pair a shield with the offhand weapon too? Rest of the mods on the armor are considered extra.

High life and elemental resistances. If resists are capped, can use a pair to match your stat needs. Thanks for the awesome guides!

Hi, glad you find them useful! Your email address will not be published. Not the cheapest build out there. Bandits Bandits Quest Choice Kill all bandits.

Helmet Rare Helm Rare helmet with high life and elemental resistances. Gloves Rare Gloves High life and elemental resistances.

Boots Rare Boots Rare boots with high movement speed, high life and elemental resistances. Well crafted bow can get quite expensive.

Quiver The Signal Fire Must have to convert remaining physical damage into fire damage.

Black Hole Vortex Effect. Unterstützung: Entflammen. Unterstützung: Erfrierung. Unterstützung: Durchdringender Blitz. Unterstützung: Erhöhte kritische Trefferchance. Unterstützung: Zusätzlicher Feuerschaden. Unterstützung: Physisch zu Blitz. Unterstützung: Facharbeit Hilfe. Unterstützung: Energieraub. Unterstützung: Durchdringende Kälte. Unterstützung: Feuerübertragung. Unterstützung: Verlängerte Dauer. Toggle navigation Gemme. Für weitere Informationen siehe Https:// zur Übersetzung. Unterstützung: Feuerübertragung. Here Ansturm. Das deutsche Path of Exile wiki befindet sich derzeit im Aufbau. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Wechseln zu: NavigationSuche.

Vortex Poe Video

Path of Exile 3.9 - Steels Cold Snap Vortex Occultist Build Guide Tiopico healthy amount of leech and Atziri's Promise ensure that we are always sitting at a comfortable amount of health, provided there is a target to hit. Blade Vortex's in-game tooltip DPS gives go here average damage of one hit from Oddset Online Blade Vortex instance, multiplied by casts per second. You should easily be able to kit yourself out for less than 2 Exalts and be blasting through maps Tiopico no time. Gear, Jewels, and Flasks Breakdown Leveling As a reminder, we have several guides to help you level up a character. More improvements coming to Harvest along with great changes to Cluster Jewels. Bandits Bandits Quest Choice Kill all bandits. Passive Https:// Page. Retrieved March 7, Jump to: navigationsearch. Retrieved March 12,

The damage from these detonations scale solely from the Blade Blast skill. It does not grant a bonus to your character, but to skills in sockets connected to it.

Place into an item socket connected to a socket containing the Active Skill Gem you wish to augment. Spell Damage: Despite the fact that it does physical damage, Blade Vortex is a spell and not an attack.

It does not utilize weapon damage in any way. Blade Vortex is one of several skills that work in this manner. Enemies can be hit multiple times where these overlap.

Its damage can be amplified by Spell Damage on items and passives from the skill tree, as well as support gems that increase spell damage.

Leech: Leech effects that apply to Spell damage and to damage types dealt by Blade Vortex Physical by default will work as usual.

Note that leech effects which apply to attacks do not apply to Blade Vortex because it is a spell, not an attack. Area of Effect: Increases and decreases in to Area of Effect from support gems , passives, and equipment will augment the radius in which the skill deals damage e.

The discomfort shown by the others is amusing, but none can deny that my work has made quite the splash Cannot support Vaal skills, totem skills, channelling skills, triggered skills, instant skills, or skills which reserve mana.

It is possible to have multiple blades active at the same time, up to a maximum of 10 blades. Enemies will not directly engage these spirits, and can pass through them.

Poison: As Blade Vortex deals physical damage , it can easily scale poison damage. Visual effect: Blade vortex's visual effect does not scale with Area of effect modifiers.

Instead, to give a rough indication of radius, there are several versions of the knife effect, each rotating at a different radius.

The skill will always try to have one knife using the largest-radius effect that's not larger than the actual radius of the skill, but that skill results in discrete visual changes where you need to reach a certain threshold before the next wider effect can be used.

The full radius is always used mechanically. Multiple casts: When Blade Vortex is linked to Unleash Support , the damage is defined by the initial cast and does not inherit the less damage multiplier.

Blade Vortex's in-game tooltip DPS gives the average damage of one hit from one Blade Vortex instance, multiplied by casts per second.

This value is misleading primarily because Blade Vortex can hit more than once over its duration, thus not cast speed must be used, but hits per second rounds per second, spin rate , over the duration of the stacks.

Base spin rate of Blade Vortex is ms. Blade Vortex hit more frequently with more stacks it has. So spin time is calculated as.

Where is per-stack damage increase factor. Game data updates have been started. From Path of Exile Wiki.

Jump to: navigation , search. If the caster targets near their Frostbolt projectiles, it will explode from a number of those projectiles instead, destroying them.

Official Path of Exile Subreddit. Retrieved June 2, Active skill gems. Hidden category: Base items.

Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. This page was last edited on 30 June , at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. As long as you have good movement speed Vortex feels great while leveling since it is an instant cast and you can just run to next zone while dropping vortexes in order to kill enemies that follow you.

You should play with a hybrid life pool until you are ready to spec into Chaos Inoculation. While leveling you should pick up some life nodes on the passive skill tree, which you will respec later on.

Here is an early version of the passive skill tree prior to transitioning to Chaos Inoculation. As you begin a new character there are few unique items that can boost your power exponentially.

Tabula Rasa allows you to have a 6-Linked skill as early as you get the gems. Wanderlust gives a decent movement speed, which will make your leveling that much more efficient.

Goldrim provides a lot of elemental resistances, this will let you worry less about gearing when approaching certain Act encounters.

Lifesprig will help out with the damage output early on. Using Tabula Rasa will allow you to have 6-Link gem setups early on, which is why we show such examples below.

If you cannot get Tabula Rasa or another item with a 6-Link , then simply prioritize the first gems in each link provided below.

In order to acquire gems that are not available to your class as a quest reward, simply ask a friend to buy them off vendors for you, or buy them yourself from Sioasa in The Library in Act III Library.

At level 10, you are able to add Flame Dash , which will help with your mobility. At level 16, you should pick up Cold Snap in order to level up the gem while you are progressing.

By level 18 your your Freezing Pulse link should look like this:. At level 24 you can pick up Discipline for additional defence.

At level 28 you can pick up Vortex , which will replace your Freezing Pulse. Use the following link:. Level 38 allows you to get Bonechill Support , which will let you run the optimal gem setup for Vaal Cold Snap.

If you have decent gear you can go Chaos Inoculation as early as level Consider that you should have Wicked Ward and Vile Bastion if you want to do that first.

You should also be using Dream Fragments until you ascend into Frigid Wake. With decent gear you should easily achieve k Energy Shield at the very least.

The Vortex and Cold Snap Occultist is one of the safest builds to play at the moment — partially due to its high end damage potential, as well as its powerful disabling skills.

With ample debilitating curses and Aspect of the Spider at its disposal, it hinders enemy movement considerably and renders them helpless to your Vortex onslaught.

Revisited and updated for Delirium 3. The build is expected to do very well in the new league. Revisited and updated passive trees for Blight 3.

Not much has changed for the build and it still remains very strong. Made the playstyle section more descriptive, and improved the gearing section by providing more detailed recommendations.

View all. Hi TS, Thanks for the build but can you help me putting all the gem in equipment slot. Having trouble putting all the gem provided.

Hello Tigasin, the only two mandatory link you need are Vortex and Cold Snap. Besides that you can improvise and socket gems wherever you have the sockets.

You can drop things like the CWDT setup early on. Please update build and tree path as Wicked Ward is now changed and on the Passive Tree.

Must have missed it. Edited by Misplaced Sapien on June 17th, Though, your Vortex setup seems a bit off my opinion.

It seems that Concentrate Effect would be better in place of Elemental Focus.

Vortex Poe Inhaltsverzeichnis

Unterstützung: Verlängerte Dauer. Unterstützung: Entflammen. Unterstützung: Brandschaden. Unterstützung: Entfesselte Beeinträchtigungen. Unterstützung: Minenkettenexplosion. Unterstützung: Phantasma beschwören. Unterstützung: Zaubertotem.

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